Karl, the captain of a flying ship, holds “The Lobster,” a mob boss, at gunpoint, demanding his long overdue payment. The pressure mounts as his desperation increases and a storm finally catches up to him.

This was my NO|ON (Narrative Object-Object Narrative) project for the MFA Visual Narrative program at SVA. We were given one object and one color to incorporate into a visual narrative featuring a preconceived character. 

Color: Red

Object: Rubber Lobster

We were given the project assignment a few days before the July 4th break Summer 2014, and when we came back we had about 2 weeks of scripting and storyboarding, and then half a week to create a project. I based my concept of this project off of Disney's "The Telltale Heart" animation narrated by James Mason. 

I hand drew all of the illustrations and scanned them into Photoshop, where I shaded and cleaned them up. Then, I recorded the audio track, assembled the best cut, and animated the elements against the audio in AfterEffects. I sound designed this project in Adobe Audition.