Door is the story of Gaia, a teenager who has just moved into a creepy house with her mother and is determined to hate it, despite her mother’s reassurances. When a mysterious green door begins to stalk Gaia, she literally stumbles through it into another world, one that manifests a person’s greatest fear- in Gaia’s case, spiders. Though the door repeatedly attempts to trap her in its world, her mother refuses to believe her. In the end, Gaia must summon the bravery to face her fears and come together with her mother to defeat the evil living just behind the door.

Door was my thesis project for the MFA Visual Narrative program at the School of Visual Arts. The production from script to screen took from January 2016 -July 4th 2016 to complete. I wrote the script, and then storyboarded the entire thing in Toonboom Storyboard Pro. I imported the storyboard into Toonboom Harmony, where I animated the characters in roughs, outlines with lipsync, color, and shading, and then exported the characters as PNG sequences into AfterEffects, where I composited in the backgrounds.

I used various techniques in AfterEffects to create lighting, shadows, effects, and atmosphere. The entire project was then edited in Adobe Premiere, and sound designed in Audition. It was shown at SVA's Gramercy Gallery in an installation designed around the characters from July 9-26th, 2016.