"These short pieces are meant for anyone that has an interest in domestic US politics, though they are targeted at low-information voters. This project will remind voters (and future voters) of the relevance of the political process to their lives and give them a more complete knowledge of these processes. We hope the pieces also act as a model for effecting change in their world, encouraging others to create similar pieces as a form of social advocacy."

Two parts of a series of six infographics explaining government programs and concepts. I was given a script, and subsequently created the visual concept, design, and animation myself.

For the Deficit and the National Debt, I created elements in Illustrator and used AfterEffects to animate. I also used a camera in AfterEffects to keep the background stagnant. 

For the Affordable Care Act, I used a flat background and recurring bloblike characters to represent individuals. I created all assets in Photoshop and used AfterEffects to animate them.